Made for the Minecraft Jam.

Kinda rushed......................

Bitsy by Adam, Hacks by Sean

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AuthorEmma Dee
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, minecraft


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This is really nice! :)

Thanks! 😊


I´m soooo sad :( :( :(

The Game dont work :(

The loading world and " Building Terrain " screen will never ending...... :( :( :(

Deleted 62 days ago

Oh so THIS is what's going on with the bitsy minecraft server!

The most accurate representation Bitsy can offer 😁




omg ahahahah this is great!!!!! i laughed a lot honestly


i play on the server and OMYGODILOVETHISS


omg this is SO CUTE!!!!! and I can't believe I'm in it!!!!!! and Ducky is right, I instantly was like "oh that's me look at my hair" xD




wow look at all my friends! :- ) 




This game is pandering to an incredibly niche audience.

Fortunately I am that niche audience, so I think it's fantastic.

Also I can't believe you didn't put the Sand Box in.

Also also I cannot believe you managed to depict Caeth's hair in such uncanny detail


I had two hours before the jam ended, I could only do so much 😭


Thinking about thos blocks....