Made in 2 hours (!!!!!!) for the Babycastles Pixels X Paper Bitsy Jam

There's a cat cafe in my town and no one will go with meeeee >:( so I made a game about a fantasy date at the cat cafe.

Also based off of this tumblr post

AuthorEmma Dee
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, cat-cafe, cats, one-room
Average sessionA few minutes


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Wow, Just found this and had a play. A nice and easy relaxing little project. Good Luck

Thanks so much!! 💕

This was so, preciously adorable. Loved the colour palette too. <3

aaaahhh thanks!!!

Well, y'know, as I was voted Most Pastel, I have to keep up with my brand ✨ lmao


You're welcome! :P Can't wait to see what you come up with next, as always


I dare you to go to that cat cafe and kiss every cat on the head.

I will, once I find someone to go with meee!! 😭😭😭