v2.0.7 and DTTD Complete Walkthrough!

Hey, guys! I just fixed a few spelling errors. Plus, some of you were expressing concerns about not being able to get all endings, so I'd thought I'd make a walkthrough for the game! This walkthough describes the environment, how to fix all four parts of your radio, and how to get all three endings. Hope you enjoy!

This probably goes without saying but uhhhhhh SPOILERS FOR EVERYTHING

-- The House --

There are 5 main parts of the house (Bedroom, Hallway, Bathroom, Living RoomKitchen) and two unlockable parts (Outside and Basement).


  • Starting room of the game
  • Accessible from the Hallway
  • Contains:
    • Closet, where the coat hanger is found
    • Bed, under which the batteries are hiding
    • Desk, which contains a Locked Drawer 
      • Contains the hammer


  • Accessible from the Bedroom, Bathroom, and Living Room
  • Serves no other purpose but to be a connection to other rooms


  • Accessible from the Hallway
  • Contains:
    • Mirror, which conceals the silver key
    • Sink, whose drain is clogged with the gold key
    • Cabinet, which houses the screwdriver

Living Room

  • Accessible from the HallwayKitchen, and Outside
  • Contains:
    • Ceiling Fan, where the wire is hanging
    • Couch, which hides the wire cutters
    • Bookshelf, which contains 3 Books:
      • Book 1, "Advice for the Weary"
      • Book 2, "Practical Applications of a Game Design Degree"
        • Hidden within the pages is the copper key
      • Book 3, "16 Haunted Tales"


  • Accessible from the Living Room and Basement
  • Contains:
    • Pots and Pans, from which you can take a pan
    • A knife


  • Accessible from the Living Room
  • Contains:
    • A stepladder


  • Accessible from the Kitchen
  • Contains:
    • A pair of pliers
    • A metal rod [*conditional]

-- Defiance --

Defiance is a hidden stat within the game. Throughout the game, there are a few dialog choices that give you the opportunity to "sass back the sassy radio". These give you a point of Defiance when you choose them. You start the game with 0 Defiance.   Here is a list of all the dialog choices that give you Defiance points:

In the Intro:

  • Choose: "What does KTHR stand for?" - 1 Defiance point
  • Choose: "I don't believe you." - 1 Defiance point
  • Choose: "Gosh, you don't have to insult me." - 1 Defiance point

At the Bookshelf in the Living Room:

  • Read Book 2 again after taking the copper key. Choose: "What? You're a radio. You don't even technically have a brain." - 1 Defiance point
  • Read Book 3. Choose: "Yeah, I really enjoy them." Then choose: "Well, I've had it for a while. Shut up!" - 1 Defiance point

During the 3rd Fix-up:

  • When the radio asks if you've heard of the Hum, Choose: "I have." - 1 Defiance point 

Because you can look at the books multiple times, it is possible to get an infinite number of Defiance points. The maximum you'll ever need at a given time is 5.

-- Fixing the Radio --

There are 4 parts of the radio that need fixing:

  • The coil, which requires the wire and screwdriver
  • The power, which requires the batteries and screwdriver 
  • The wiring, which requires the wire cutters and screwdriver
  • The antenna, which requires the pliers

Once you have acquired the necessary materials, go to the "What are we looking for again?" page to do the fix-ups. The fix-ups can be done in any order.

To get the screwdriver:

  • Go to the Kitchen
  • Examine the Pots and Pans, and pick up a pan
  • Go to the Bathroom
  • Examine the Cabinet
  • Normally, the Cabinet is jammed shut, but you can dislodge it open with your pan
  • Inside the Cabinet is the screwdriver

To get the wire:

  • Go to the Bedroom
  • Look in your Closet and take the coathanger
  • Go to the Bathroom
  • Go to the Sink and use the coathanger to fish out the gold key
  • Go to the Living Room
  • Use the gold key to unlock the door to the Outside
  • Go Outside and take the stepladder
  • Go back to the Living Room and look at the Ceiling Fan
  • Hanging from the Ceiling Fan is the wire
  • Normally you can't reach it, but with the stepladder you can take the wire easily

To get the wire cutters:

  • Go to the Kitchen and take the knife
  • Go to the Living Room
  • Examine the Couch
  • You can use the knife to open up the Couch and retrieve the wire cutters

To get the pliers:

  • Go to the Living Room
  • Go to the Bookshelf and pick out Book 2
  • Inside is a copper key
  • Go to the Bedroom and examine the Desk
  • The Desk Drawer is locked, but you can use the copper key to open it
  • Inside the Desk Drawer is a hammer
  • Go to the Bathroom and look at the Mirror
  • Use the hammer to break the Mirror, and you will find the silver key
  • Go to the Kitchen
  • Use the silver key to unlock the Basement
  • Go to the Basement and take the pliers

To get the batteries:

There are two different ways you can go about getting the batteries:

  • Go to the Bedroom and look under the Bed
  • If your DEFIANCE is 3 OR GREATER, you will be brave enough to use the Radio's own antenna to reach the batteries under the Bed


  • Go through the steps to unlock the Basement (See: pliers)
  • If your DEFIANCE is LESS THAN 3 when you enter the Basement, a metal rod will appear that you can take
  • Go to the Bedroom and look under the Bed
  • You can use the metal rod to reach the batteries under the Bed

-- The Endings --

BAD END 1: Chicken

This ending is by far the easiest one to get.

In the Intro, choose the dialogue option: "What does KTHR stand for?" Then choose: ".....Nope."

Sure, you've saved the human race, but did you have fun?

BAD END 2: Transmission

To get this ending, go though the steps to fix the Radio all 4 times. The Radio will then reveal its true nature to you, and then kill you.


To get this ending, go though the steps to fix the Radio 3 times. The path to the TRUE END is triggered during the 3rd fix-up if you have accomplished all three of these criteria:

  1. Played through and gotten the Transmission end at least once
  2. Have a Defiance of 5 or higher
  3. Have the hammer in your possession

Choose the newly-appeared dialogue option ("We INVENTED you! Without humans, you wouldn't even exist!"). Then choose: "..." And then: "I don't trust you." The rest of the ending will play out from there.

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