A Solo Jam by Emma Daues. A hypertext adventure made in Twine. It's the return of Your Sassy Radio Friend in this puzzle thriller!

There are 2 Bad Ends and a "True End".  Walkthrough can be found HERE!

Like the soundtrack? Download it HERE!

For the Global Game Jam 2018 (Theme: "Transmission")

Development log


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That was really good! I liked the puzzle elements. They were challenging, but not too hard. I figured out there was probably going to be a twist halfway through the game.

One thing: In the bookshelf in the living room, if I click on the scary book, there's a typo. "childern's" instead of "children's".

Thank you so much!! Ah, I knew there was gonna be a typo that I missed. I will fix it in the next update! Thanks!