A downloadable trash zine

I wanted to participate in DrilJam but I'm also currently in the middle of finishing a final project for a CS course, and it's taking up all my emotional energy.

Did I wait until the last minute to do this project? Yes. Am I suffering because of it? Yes.

So -- inspired by the parody tweet I made above while working on the project -- I decided to compile all my horrible scribbled notes I've written while figuring this thing out into an abstract art trash zine and submit it to the jam.

Is this really related to Dril at all? No. Is it what Dril would've wanted though? Sure.

Enjoy, suckers.


Procrastination_v2.pdf 8 MB

Development log


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fantastic! this is what dril was hoping for when he invented jams

Thank you! Was a little nervous at first to submit it bc it's kinda Out There but I'm glad people are enjoying it. I'd love to not die from school someday