A snowy hike in the mountains.

This was made as a gift to Ren for the 2019 Bitsy Secret Santa! The words they gave me for inspiration were Mountains, Fire, and Friendship.

Made with the help of Ayo's Borksy and Mildmojo's Exit-from-Dialogue hack.

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AuthorEmma Dee
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, Gay, hike, Lesbian, secret-santa, snow, woods
Average sessionA few minutes

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Very cozy <3


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this is so cozy! love to have cocoa with a friend

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let's have cocoa together as friends, em ✨


this was so peaceful and sweet!

💖 Thank you!


this is really cute! love the lil extras you included. it really feels like a hike


Haha thank you~ I worked hard to put in a few secrets :3


this is so cute!!! i love how peaceful it is and in such a lovely quiet way! <3


Thank you, onino! ❤❤❤


This is my kind of winter hike - peaceful, a lot of creatures, a warm place to be at the end, and the snow is entirely virtual! (I like hikes, just not snow!)

Thank you so much! 💖