A downloadable manifesto anthology

More manifestos for the Manifesto Jam, all which fit on 4x6-inch notecards.  They're about....games? The game of life.

Featuring classic hits such as:

  • The Crybaby Manifesto
  • The Browser Manifesto
  • The Handwriting Manifesto
  • The Death to "Git Gud" Manifesto
  • Roll-Your-Own Manifesto
  • The Let'sPlay Manifesto
  • A list of Underrated Manifestos

Read them in the images to the right. Save the images, print them out, stick them on your wall. Or don't.

Or download a .txt file transcript below.

Or pay me $50 and I'll mail you the original notecards.

(**ERRATA** The first sentence in The Browser Manifesto should say, "If you're not using Chrome, you're already wrong." May go back and rewrite the whole thing at some point but we'll see.)

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AuthorEmma Dee
Tagshandwriting, manifesto, manifestojam, notecard, text, writing


notecard_minifestos_transcript.txt 6 kB


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These are all amazing <3 I feel the anger of the Browser Manifesto and I relate.
The Death to Git Gud Manifesto is especially good.

Thank you very much!!

oh my god it's impossible to express how much i love this. the use of postcards provides a perfect and attractive limit to manifesto size. crybabies are amazing. roll-your-own is inspired. your handwriting opinions make me feel validated. d12/d12.

omg Thank you so much!!


good format. good topics. well manifested

Thank you!! ^^