My first game made with Adam Ledoux's Bitsy! A puzzle adventure through a cursed pink house. 

Thanks to Palettsy for color inspo and mildmojo for custom scripts.

This game has no audio, although I recommend listening to your favorite tracks from the OFF OST as you play.


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got the chance to play this and wow!!! love this big fancy house! definitely almost got lost a couple times and had a lot of fun finding all the items and learning the backstory :D this was great!

aaaaah thank you!!! 💖

This was a great dungeon crawl! It scratched my "big spooky house with secrets" itch great.  In my opinion, people shouldn't insult witches, grand or otherwise.

Yeah, you'd think we as a society would learn our lesson by now....

Thank you so much!!!

LOVE THIS!! The layout of the house is so good I had a lot of fun exploring!

aaaaah thank you!!!

This was really fun! I got so lost trying to find everything, it really felt like exploring a massive old house.

Also the art is gorgeous.

Thank you very much! I'm that weird person who likes making maps, so a lot of my games tend to have elements of "complex house layout" in them. It's so fun to me! lol

this is so good!! i love the backstory and the mansion was fun to explore!


Aww thank you!!! <3333

Wow, this is really impressive! It took me a long time to find the last item though, I think I skipped through a note. 

Thank you so much!!!