Randy G. the robot crab is on a mission to help his crew find the "Heart of Sanri" -- a magical pendant lost on an ocean planet. Explore the island and solve puzzles!

This is a game based on my friends' Dungeons & Dragons campaign for the May 2018 Bitsy Jam (Theme: Ocean)

Use arrow keys/WASD to move & interact.

Made with Adam Ledoux's Bitsy Game Maker, with the help of hacks/tools from seanverticalblanking, and ayolland.


  • Ocean wave sounds by hexatonic from freesound.org
  • All other music/sound effects made in PXtone.
  • "Son de Crabaguey" is based on the song "Son de Camaguey" by Stephen Hatfield.
  • "Under the C(rab)" is based on the song "Under the Sea" from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

You can download the soundtrack HERE!

Special thanks to Zach & all my siblings for playtesting.

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AuthorEmma Dee
Made withbitsy
Tagsbeach, Bitsy, crab, crabs, dnd, ocean, randy-g
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Watch Get Played | BitsyJam: Ocean from Tiger_J on www.twitch.tv

Sorry about the audio, My mic was not set correctly and it sounds muffled.

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I really liked the puzzle design in your game because it was rarely too obvious, and so it added more to the whole exploration aspect. I also liked all the different characters and their way of speaking - the very upscale guard, the chatterboxes of tourists, ... I could list a good dozen other people! :D A nice little adventure game that I liked to recommend as part of a compilation article about the Bitsy Jam. :) Also, a minute of gameplay is featured in the related video. ;>

Best wishes,


Thank you so much!!! I am honored!!

I keep thinking about this so I had to come back and say (again) how much I loved it 💞

awww thank you so muchhhh!!!! ✨✨✨✨


Some satisfying crab adventures right there.



wow, this is for real amazing! the music and the art and the writing, it's all so good!

aaaaaah thank you, I'm so happy you enjoyed it!!


Randy G. is the best.


truer words have never been spoken. 🦀🦀🦀


omg i love EVERYTHING abt this!!!!! your art is great! the music is great!! THE STORY IS GREAT!!! 


Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! <33333