Uploaded for #FragmentJam 2019

Purple Tower was the idea I had for a sequel to Pink Mansion, my first-ever Bitsy game. In the same vein as its predecessor, It was going to be a 3-color, vanilla-as-possible journey through a large empty building, solving puzzles along the way.

While the structure of Purple Tower would be less meandering than Pink Mansion, puzzles would focus on the particulars of different levels within the tower. The inactive doors on each floor would lead to rooms, and there would be a top of the tower you could climb up to. (And possibly meet Gina the Grand Witch, a character mentioned on Pink Mansion.)

Of course, it fell to the wayside almost immediately, as all my puzzle-making energies went into the development of Randy G. not long after.

Yeah, so enjoy this little walk around an empty tower.

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AuthorEmma Dee
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, not-game, pink-mansion, purple, purple-tower, tower-simulator